Chaplaincy Ministry for Health Care Centers

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Our Website

Welcome to our new look on the worldwide web.  We’ve opted for the new look to take advantage of some new tools and web authoring abilities that this format gives us.  And, although the look may be different, our mission is unchanged.  We seek to bring the love of Christ to those who don’t have ready access to ready access to spiritual resources.

 Matthew 25:36 is the Biblical basis for our ministry.  It reads  -  "When I was in came to visit me."   Even our domain name reflects that theme.

"When I was in need"  -  It's just a single phrase from a single verse, yet it so perfectly describes what the Chaplaincy Ministry for Health Care Centers is all about. 

When a person suddenly finds themselves a resident of a health care center, life is undeniably different.  And, although the center may provide excellent patient care, an even greater need can go untreated - the need to be fed, comforted and strengthened by God's Word.  This spiritual care is beyond the normal scope of the health care center. In fact, it's beyond the scope of most churches too.  You see, churches are built on the model of Christians coming to them for spiritual nourishment and strengthening.  But what if you are no longer able to go to church?  What happens then?

It is in these times, times that are perhaps the most challenging and frightening of a person's life, that the Chaplaincy Ministry is there providing comfort, hope and reassurance.